Thursday, November 30, 2006


What's Your Weather?


I hadn't realized it had been so long since I posted last.
Some of you have been emailing me to inquire about my well-being.

I'm just fine.

I traveled home for Thanksgiving and spent five days with family.
Got to see my Grandson!
He's so cute!!!!!

I will have more to share ... soon ... soon!!!

What's your weather like?
We're under a winter storm warning.

We had freezing rain last night
and we're getting sleet right now
and supposed to get up to 15 inches of snow over night.
It's cold ... was 17 degrees last time I checked.
I'm not sure what it is right now.

I'm getting ready for bed.
I didn't get to play music tonight ...
the weather kept me inside.

We'll see what we find out there in the morning.

Thursday, November 16, 2006



let's define what Anorexia really is.

I talked about myself being anorexic at one point in my life in the post just previous to this one.
Most people mistakenly think this is the disease where you throw up your meal and you benge eat and then throw it up also.
That is not what anorexia is.

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder that is characterized by voluntary starvation and exercise stress.
The term anorexia refers to the medical symptom of lost appetite.

What happened with me was this:
I was concerned about weight and pant size.
I didn't intentionally starve myself.
That thought never entered my head.
I thought of it as dieting.
My diet consisted of just not eating.
I ate one meal a day ... just a little ...
and then exercised every day.

I did aerobics,
rode my bike miles a day,
and worked out with weights ...
every day ...
sometimes more than once.

Once you go a period of time without eating much,
your stomach actually shrinks and you don't feel hungry.
It doesn't take much to fill it up.
And pretty soon you're not eating enough to maintain your body.
That's what I did.

My recovery process started by eating a piece of toast and a cup of chicken broth.
That's what I had for breakfast and for lunch every day.
And I had to eat it in front of someone so there was a witness that I didn't feed it to the dog or just throw it away.
It was hard.
I can remember crying while I tried to get it all down.
I can remember being so angry to have someone sit there and watch me chew.
It made me just want to spit at them.
(which I didn't do, by the way)
I can remember having to eat it when I wasn't hungry and gagging just trying to get it down.
It was a serious problem.

I have to thank my ex-husband, Paul, for this.
It was him who did this for me.
He saved my life, I have no doubt of that at all.
I am very grateful.

As I became able to eat this menu regularly,
the menu changed to things that were more substantial and I slowly began to eat more
and eat regularly and gain some weight.

I still thought about it all the time though.
And I was still an exercise fanatic.
But I was making progress.

Eventually I found that I actually felt healthier with some weight on than I did without it.
My way of thinking began to change.
I actually got hungry several times a day and ate because I wanted to.
It took about two years to accomplish the physical change and the mental change to go along with it.

You all know that I just lost 30 pounds on a diet recently.
This was done because my excess weight was affecting my lupus adversely and the doctor told me to try to get down to my target weight.
Which I did.
Then I lost ten more pounds without even trying.

I was worried and set a time limit for the weight loss to stop or I was going to go to the doctor and get some help.

It has since stopped and I'm fine.
In fact,
I've gained a little weight back!
That's wonderful!

now you know
and now you understand.

I still like to exercise,
but have changed to toning exercises,
hence the stretching, Thai Chi and Belly Dancing ...
both low impact and non stress to your body exercises.
They just keep me limber.
It's been a nice trade.



I got to watch one of my favorite shows last night ...


I haven't been able to watch it since I started playing music on Monday nights.
I'm very excited that it has moved to Wednesday nights now.
I like her as an actress and I like her flaws ...
I mean that nicely.
It makes her human.

Her hair is sometimes a mess ... like mine.
Her teeth are crooked ... like mine.
Her clothes don't always fit her just right ... like mine.
Depending on the angle of the camera she sometimes shows her less attractiveness ... like I have.

I like that about her show.

On so many shows people look like they just got off of the modeling run way.
I'm serious!

All the guys are sporting six pack abs ...
All the women are showing their boobs ...
Where did modesty go?
What happened to it?
It seems to have disappeared somewhere along the way.

I don't like the implication that men and women have to be perfect
and it makes me angry to see our television shows portraying that to our society and our young people who already have enough pressures to worry about without adding more.

Don't get me wrong ... I have boobs too ... you're just not going to see them hanging out like that.
I have self-esteem already and don't need to get it from people looking at my boobs or my butt crack hanging out of my pants.

Sorry to get off on a soap box,
but this really does affect people.

I know.

I used to be anorexic and it was very difficult to get over.

It took years.

Part of my recovery was to have to eat in front of someone at every meal.
It used to really make me angry to have to eat in front of someone and have to eat it all.
I can remember it making it hard to swallow to have someone sitting there watching me.

But I got over it.
I'm fine now.

People need to know that if they are healthy and feel good ...
that's what beautiful is.
It isn't a pant size or a bra size ...
It's the beauty that is within you shining through that is important.

Let's all start shining!!!!


Bird Watching

It's almost Bald Eagle watching time again.
Every winter the bald eagles congregate at our local lock and dam.
I'm anxiously awaiting getting to see them everyday.
When I go every day,
I go the the dam and then I also drive along the river for miles looking for them.
After about a week of looking every day,
I learn where they roost and where their territory is.
They will generally stay in a certain area.
This allows me to really show them to people and let them get a close look.
The eagles get used to having the vehicle close to them and they will sit there and let you get pretty darn close.
I always carry at least two pair of binoculars in my car all of the time just for spur of the moment bird watching.
You never know when the opportunity will present itself.

Doug and I saw a Bald Eagle on the North River Sunday afternoon.
It was in flight and I was very excited.
Didn't get to see it with binoculars,
but I was excited just the same.
Just knowing it was there was exciting.


A Tall Tale ...

for those of you who thought I was telling a "tall tale" the other day,
specifically Bill and Doug ...
here is the proof that the sycamore leaf I was telling you about really IS that big.
Here's a picture of it and you can see that it measures 24 inches in width.
Doug has since seen it,
but I wanted to be sure you all had a chance to see it too.
It's amazing how big it is.


You can read more about it on Larry's blog, River Rambles,
listed on my side bar links.

Thanks Larry!



with Tom and Dougs help
I finally have all of my stuff out of the house and garages.
What a load off of my shoulders that is!!!
We close on the house on the 20th.
Then it's all done.
I will be so relieved.

Guess what I found out in the garage Tuesday morning?
My eye glasses!
Didn't know that I wore any?
Well, that would be because they've been lost for the last three years ... since we moved to the house three years ago!
I found them in one of my craft boxes of stuff.
Yes, that does make sense ...
They're just reading glasses and I mostly used them when cross stitching ...
so they were with some of my cross stitching stuff.
Makes perfect sense!

I was very glad to find them.
I honestly was getting ready to go get another pair.
Found them at the perfect time!


Time for music!!!!

It's a big music weekend this weekend.

Of course it is Thursday,
which means music at La Gondola and North Ely Opry.
Only 11 hours, 20 minutes and 30 seconds until Ely Opry time!!!!!
Can't wait to see everyone.

This is also the Bluegrass Festival in Hannibal all weekend.
I'm going to be playing there Friday afternoon and Friday night.
Then again on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night.
The Opry is also playing at one of the nursing homes Saturday night.
That will be fun as well.

I met the North Ely Opry group at the Bluegrass Festival last year.
I've been playing and singing with them ever since.
Life hasn't been the same since!
And I mean that in a good way!
They're a great group of people.

I'm excited to get to the festival and play with some of the groups there.
It's always good to hear what other groups are playing and learn some new tunes with them.
I'm not afraid to walk in by myself and join a group ...
that's what I did last year.
Oh, it was intimidating ...
but I did it anyway.
People generally welcomed you in ...

Then I'm playing at a church Sunday morning and singing.
Doug and I did that last week and it was fun.
I need to get back to singing every day like I used to so I can sing for a longer duration at a time.
Your voice is an instrument and if you don't use it everyday,
it won't always work for you the way you want it to.
Those muscles need a regular work out just like all of your other muscles do!
So ...
That is my November resolution ...
to sing every day for at least half an hour
and do some vocal exercises every day.
Oh, I know ...
you've heard that before ...
but I'm going to do it,
Dang it!

I'll be playing music ALL weekend.
That is fun for me!

I can't wait to get my hands on my belly dancing outfit!
But I can't have it until Christmas.
It's going to make my dancing so fun!!!!
And I'll jingle now!
That is so cool!!!!
I bought myself some earrings to match.
I was going to buy some foot jewelry, but they didn't have any there.
I was very sad.
Maybe I'll get some later.

So now I'll have the flowing pants, a beaded hip scarf, a beaded top and matching earrings to dance in.
I need to get some type of leotard top that's just a half top to wear with it and then I'll be set.
You dance barefoot, so shoes are not an issue.
I do want to eventually get one of those dancers belts with pom poms on it.
The lady in Kansas City that I bought the outfit from said not to do that,
but I like them!!
We'll see.

Well, I still need to buy a card reader,
but will eventually have some pictures for you all.
I'll try to get that done this weekend sometime.
Maybe I'll be brave enough to show you a picture of me in my belly dance outfit ...
or maybe not.

Hope you all have a great weekend.
Stay safe!

Love you all!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Hi There

Hello, my friends!!!

I hope that you all had a great weekend.
I sure did!
It was a very busy weekend for me,
and very fun.

I am so blessed to have music in my life.
I just don't know what people do without it.
Oh, I know it's not for everyone,
But I'd just be lost without it.
I really would.
It's in my soul.
You know?

I'm behind visiting everyone's blogs,
but will be there soon.

I can't afford internet at the studio until I get some students over there.
Then I won't have these gaps in blog entries ...
as much!

I'm sitting here eating dry frosted mini wheats,
which are my new favorite anytime snack.
Very good.
And helps keep you regular!!!
(I know ... you probably didn't need to know that!)

Took some barn pictures Sunday afternoon.
Also had a tour of where Doug and Willy grew up.
I enjoyed that very much.
I need to get a card reader so I can get the pictures off the camera.
I need to send Willy some of those pictures.
I've already forgotten what I already had on there.
It will be a nice surprise!!!

I've missed taking pictures.
They take a long time to edit,
but it sure is fun!!!

Well, I'm off to the house to work on filling this dumpster the rest of the way up.
Then I have a few things to take to storage.
It's so hard for me to throw stuff away,
But dang!
I'm out of room.
I need to keep that in mind when I'm loading my car today.
Where am I going to put it?
Wish me luck!
Send me "throw it away" vibes and thoughts!!!

Love you all!!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Happy Thursday to You!

I haven't fallen off of the planet!!

I'm still here.

The trip to Kansas City went wonderfully well.
Had a lot of fun and good company!

Only got lost twice ...
one wrong turn ...
and one missed exit.

That's not too bad.

We rented and watched the movie "RV" with Robin Williams on Saturday night.
Friday night Doug and I played for our group and some guests.
That went well.

The North Ely Opry is playing this Saturday night at the Star Theater in Hannibal.
I'm looking forward to that.
We'll have our new shirts on!!!
Doug and I got shirts like the one Danny has.
Very cool!!!

I got home and due to not drinking enough water on my trip,
developed a bladder infection and a yeast infection that's had me in bed for the last two days.
Finally was able to get to the doctor and get some medicine.
I'm on the mend now.

I'm heading to Hannibal and will be off line until Monday,
so wanted to let you know I'm still here.

It's La Gondola night and North Ely Opry night!
I can't wait to see everyone.

My love to you all!

I'll be back to blogging like the true maniac that I am next week!!!
Lost my card reader and can't get any pictures off of the camera until I buy a new one.
Dang it!
I know it's in a box somewhere!

Talk to you later!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Good Morning!

Oh my gosh!

My Migrain is Gone!!!!!


I woke up with some pretty wild hair this morning.
Got that new hair cut, remember?
I hope I don't scare every body this weekend on our trip.
I scared myself this morning!!!

Today is music night.
I'm excited about that.

I have SO much to get done this morning before work.
I have to have the car all packed and ready to go by 1:00 this afternoon
because I work all afternoon,
then La Gondola,
then Ely Opry,
then leave bright and early in the morning.

I can do it,
but I'd better go get started right now!!

Talk to you later!
If I don't talk to you again until Monday,
have a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


What's for dinner?

What's for dinner?

Joann and I had salmon and sweet potato.
It was delicious!

We cooked a sweet potato that Doug gave me and we shared it.
There was plenty for both of us ...
that potato was huge!

Then we had the black cherry oreo cheese cake that Julie brought me for dessert.

it's 7:35pm
and I'm headed to bed.
This migraine has wiped me out.

Tomorrow is music night and I can't wait.
This stupid migraine is well enough that I expect it to be gone in the morning.
I'm hoping anyway!!




I got a lot of errands done today.

Went to the attorney's office for real estate paperwork,
got a hair cut,
got the banking done,
did I mention got a hair cut?

Ate lunch with two of my girlfriends.
That was fun.
We got all caught up on our kids and families and Rhonda's trip to Europe over the summer.
She had a wonderful trip.
I'm glad that she got to go, she works hard and deserved a break, that's for sure.
usually when you've been traveling like that
you need a vacation to recover from your vacation!!!
Traveling is exhausting!!

Didn't make it to the grocery store,
so will have to do that in the morning.
I think that and doing laundry and packing will be all that I have to do in the morning.

I have to be all packed and everything in the car before I leave for La Gondola tomorrow night.
My son Tom has decided that he may go with us.
That would be fine with me.
It would let me have both of my sons there at the same time.
That doesn't happen very often anymore now that everyone is grown and working.
I'm hoping that he goes.

I ate a HUGE lunch!!!
My migraine has kept from eating for the last 36 hours so I was hungry!
I had a salad,
country fried steak dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy and corn ...
I couldn't eat the bisquit though,
a bowl of fruit,
a Pepsi,
a glass of water
and a cup of coffee for my migraine.

Then my son Tom and his girlfriend Julie came over for a few minutes and she brought me a piece of blackcherry oreo cheese cake.
It was good!!!!!

I'm feeling much better now.
Maybe I'll be able to sleep tonight.
I sure hope so.

I like my haircut,
but I don't know if I'll be able to fix it like she did.
She showed me some new things to do with my hair that should help.
She really did a good job.
Her name was Dawn.
I'm going to go to her from now on.
She was very pleasant, helpful and good.

I'm hoping that I'll get my color back and my eyes won't be so purple when I get to Kansas City and see my mother.
I don't want her to worry about me.

Hope you're all having a great day!


Happy Wednesday!

It's Wednesday!

I'm on day seven of a migraine, but it isn't as painful at the moment as it has been.
Yesterday was horrible.
I threw up and then went to bed in the afternoon from 3:00 to 6:30.
I woke up feeling better, but still not in good shape.

My poor little students (there were only two) yesterday were looking at my purple eyes and looking very sad.

Today ... so far ... there's no pain in my head, but I can feel my eyes focusing.
That's fun!

I think I'm going to break out the big stuff today and try to end it before I'm driving to Kansas City.

I'm meeting friends for lunch today and I'm looking forward to that.
I haven't seen either one of them in a long time.
I know there are going to be lots of questions about life at the moment.
That's okay.
I haven't talked about it with very many people and I'm ready to let it roll!!!
Maybe it will get rid of this migraine!

Yes, I think it was Gracie who asked it my body was telling me it's time to rest ...
Yes ... I'm sure.

I've been going full steam ahead on purpose.
Too much to think about.
If you're going full steam ahead you don't have time to think about it.
I knew that once I slowed down something was going to get me.
But, I've set today as the last day of this migraine!
Too much to do!!
Too little time!!

I'm headed to the grocery store to buy food for the trip.
And hopefully I will actually pack clothes this time!!
Don't worry, I've already made a check off list.
You should see me pack.
I don't travel light at all.
People are always shocked.
Oh well, my motto is be prepared.
It's always worked ... I'm not going to mess with it.

I have a new set of salt and pepper shakers that I'll take a picture of and post for you next week.
I took some pictures yesterday, but can't find my card reader to get them off of the camera.
I may just go buy a new one, but I'll look first ...
I still have boxes to unpack.

must run for now.
I'm anxious to get out of here for a little bit.
I didn't go outside once yesterday ... too much sun and it hurt my head.


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