Tuesday, September 25, 2007



Let's see ...

Saturday ... we awoke feeling much better ... but still sick.
We had planned to go to Quincy and rearrange my room there ... we talked it over ...
shrugged ... and said why not!
So off we went!

When that was done, we headed off for Jacksonville, IL to look at the grounds where the Old Thresher's Show is going to be next weekend. I got some really good pictures of some steam engines, tractors, barns and some other things. It was a good trip!

Then we headed to Summer Hill, IL to the Clark 54 Drive In Movie Theater.
We had packed all kinds of snacks and a cooler of Pepsi for the night.
All I ended up eating was about half of my bag of popcorn and two cans of Pepsi.
You must remember ... we couldn't breathe ... our heads hurt ... and we had just eaten supper not too long ago.

Well, what was showing?

This was my first time to see any of the Halloween movies.
Now I understand what all of my friends were talking about!

Superbad was a little different, but funny.
It had a couple of redeeming moments.

On a sad note ... I was planning to take my parents there when they're here next weekend to visit ...
but ...
when Doug asked what would be showing ... he was told that this was the last showing of the season.


At any rate ...
we had a great evening and enjoyed ourselves very much.

By the time we got home ... we were tired!
We took our medicines ... got all "Vicks"ed up ... and collapsed.

Speaking of Vicks Vapor Rub ...
I had a doctor tell me one time that Vicks Vapor Rub was just a myth ...
that it didn't really do anything for you at all.

Well ... I beg to differ. When you go from not being able to breathe ... to being able to breathe ... I think it's doing something for you!!!!




I'm reading a book right now from the "Wagons West" series ...
I'm on the second one right now that is titled "Nebraska".
They hunt buffalo occasionally for survival as they're traveling in a wagon train to Oregon.

Anyway ...
This particular picture was taken in Yellowstone National Park.
I saw buffalo when I was there several years ago.
It is such a beautiful place.
Just gorgeous!
I'd like to go there again some day and spend more time there.



Let's see ...
Friday I was sick in bed all day ... literally.

The symptoms?

A very bad headache ... stuffy/runny nose (mainly stuffy) ...
sore throat ... coughing ... aches ... pains ...
the flu?????

I didn't have to be sick alone though ... Doug was sick right along with me. He kept trying to throw up though ... I never did ... except for some sympathy heaving when he was ... but nothing ever came of it.

The only thing that we did together all day was play one game of marbles ... which exhausted me! And I think he put a couple of movies in, which I must have slept through, because I can't even tell you what they were!!!!!


Remember building sand castles?

Did you ever have a sand box to play in when you were a kid?
I sure did and I loved building things out of the sand ...
but I never created anything like these!!!!

Check out this mother dragon and her nest of eggs! If you look closely, you can even see that the eggs are hatching and there are baby dragons lounging about and even one in the process of hatching!!!! The poor thing is chained up, though!!

Ohhhhh ... this brave knight tried to save the damsel in distress and appears to have lost his life in the process. Look at the detail of his hands and fingers.

Check out this lion! Those are some vicious claws he is showing there! Look at the marks in the sand where he left drag marks with his claws! And those eyes ... they're looking right at us!

Check out the dead pirates and the treasure chest!!! How do we know that they are pirates? Look a little closer ... that big one is wearing an eye patch!!!!!! Must be pirates!!!!!


Happy Tuesday to You!

I survived the weekend. (sigh)
Thursday ...
I didn't even get to play music Thursday night.
By the time I got there a migraine had kicked in ... my asthma was making it difficult to breathe ... I was having muscle spasms all over my body and my pleurisy was acting up and I was having chest pains. I felt so bad ... I didn't even go for a three wheeler ride!!! Dang! That's bad!

After supper, we said our goodbyes and Doug drove me back to the apartment.
I had a breathing treatment, took some pain medication, a sinus pill, laid on the heating pad and went to sleep ...eventually.
It turned out that after my breathing treatment ... the muscle spasms stopped. I guess I wasn't getting enough oxygen. I've always associated the muscle spasms with being dehydrated ... but I guess it makes sense that the same thing would happen if you weren't getting enough oxygen.

You live and learn.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Music Thursday!

Here I am ... and it's Music Thursday once again! I am excited and can't wait to get there! My fiddle has been calling my name since 7:00am this morning!!!!! My fiddle ... Minnie Pearl ... well, she told me that she wants to be loaded in the car and go!!!!!!
But ...
alas ...
I work until 5:00pm ...
sigh ...
She'll have to wait until then.

There's Doug fiddling around ...

There's my foot ... sometimes a girl just has to kick off her sandals and play barefoot! The music just sounds and feels better that way!!!!!

There I am with Benny, my tenor banjo!

Can't you just feel the rythm oozing from this picture?

There's Bernard and Jim ... I really enjoy it when Bernard sings for us! He knows a lot of good tunes!!!!!

There's Alan, playing his mandolin. Now, if I'm not mistaken, that is one of the mandolins that he made.

There's Danny ... I must have just told him that the song was in "G"!

(Hee Hee ... inside joke)

Wes sings a mean "Folsom Prison" and a fabulous "Midnight Special".

There's John. John and I have a lot of fun together. John, Doug, and I can really get going on our fiddles! It is so much fun!!!!

And there's Jesse on his banjo. Now, this man is hard to get a picture of! But I did it! Ya-hoo! Go me!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sky, Clouds:

Here are some interesting clouds for you.
I don't think that I have ever seen one with part of it just sticking straight up like that.
I thought that they were pretty.
(I'm always cloud watching)


Monroe City Sesquentinial, Quilt Show:

Here are a few of the quilts from the quilt show. There were so many cute and so many beautiful ones!

The quilt above has shirt pockets on it!

I liked the way that this dragon quilt was in squares. I found it very soothing.

This one was just as cute as could be!!!!

I found it interesting that I did not hide my camera at all. I was very obviously taking pictures ... with the flash on. I went through the whole quilt show and as I was preparing to exit ... I was approached and scolded for taking pictures. If pictures are not allowed ... that's okay ... my irritation was why wait until I'm finished, after they've seen me the whole time, and then make a spectacle of it? Oh well!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Salt and Pepper Shakers:

Here are some of my salt and pepper shakers. Most of them are ones that I have collected individually over the years, but some of them also belonged to various family members. The two clown dogs were my Grandmother's. It's hard to see, but in the upper left corner there is a cat sitting in a fish basket (there's a matching one not visible here) ... anyway, these belonged to my Great Grandmother. I love them all, but the ones that were from family are very special to me.

See the beetles in the upper left corner? I found them in a box in the garage of an old house that I used to live in about twelve years ago. The baby in the bathtub is from the dollhouse that I used to play with when I was a little girl. See the toilet???? And the toaster with toast in it????

The three Vess Soda bottles were from my Great Grandmother ... and there's the matching cat in a fish basket that was also hers. See the in the front row ... the birds with the yellow belly and blue heads? I found a set just like this locally for $45. No way was I paying that much. This set was my first E-bay purchase ... for $12!!!!! I was so proud of myself!

This is a special shelf. All of the ones you see in the above picture belonged to my Dad. He collected them as a boy when he was in 4-H and this was one of his projects. He told me that he used to display them in some of the store front windows down on the square. I think they're awesome!!!

Here's another special spot on the the shelves. The items on the tray belonged to one of my Grandmothers. There's a variety of figurines, salt and pepper shakers ... and that is her hair brush in the blue holder. It even has some of her hair in it.

Yes ... I'm sentimental!!!!!!

I treasure these things!


Farming, Doug:

There's my sweetheart!!!!
On this particular day, he was doing disc work in the bean field.

There he is in the tractor!

Yes ... I am one of those girls who thinks a tractor is sexy! Very sexy!!!!!!

And there he goes!

I decided that I wanted a picture of me on the tractor too. I handed the camera to Doug and climbed in ... very unaware that he decided to take this "butt shot" of me climbing into the cab! Thanks, Doug!

And there I am!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Thank you, Doug!

I would like to take a moment
to thank my sweetheart
for being so kind and considerate of me.

Because of my lupus,
he knows that I am not able to walk for long periods or time
or most importantly ...
not stand for a long period of time.

The solution ...
he made a wonderful wagon for me to ride on
that he pulled behind his little John Deere tractor
and he drove me all over every inch of the Thresher's Show ...
several times!!!!

thank you, sweetheart,
for thinking of me
and for wanting me to be there with you
and for making it possible for me to do so
by making sure that I didn't have to do much walking.

I love my wagon!
I loved being there!
And I love you!

Thank you!


Shelbine Old Threshers, Horse Arena:

One of the things going on during the show this weekend was
horsemanship competitions on Saturday,
then the ranch horse competitions on Sunday.
We didn't watch them all ... there was too many other things to see and places to be,
but we did manage to watch a couple of hours of what was going on each day.

I love horses!
I used to ride all of the time, but don't own any horses now.
I wish that I did, but don't have anywhere to keep one.
I'd ride every day if I did!

But it was fun for me to watch the other riders showing off their skills.
Doug and I sat close enough to the fence of the arena that one of the cutting horses kicked dirt in our faces while cutting the cattle!!!!
But that was great!
Although ... it did get my new wagon dirty!!!
(ha ha)


Shelbina Old Threshers Show:

I survived!!!!!
I thought I might ... but wasn't sure!

Spent the weekend at another Old Thresher's Show ... this time in Shelbina, Missouri.
Set up the tent again ... loaded it up with blankets ... blankets ... blankets ... blankets ... blankets ... and even more blankets!!!

Well, Friday night it got down into the low 30's.
Let's just say ... it was a little chilly out there in that tent!!!!!
I was warm in my blankets, but my face and my hands were cold. I woke up every once in a while and adjusted my sleeping position and got all covered back up again.

Saturday night it only got down in the 40's ... I slept really well and stayed nice and warm in my blankets.

The show was great and I had a very good time.
I'll have pictures later this week of me on my new wagon that Doug built for me.
I enjoyed it very much!!!!
If I had to do all of that walking, my lupus would get the best of me after about an hour or two, but with my wagon, I'm able to go all day!!!!
except for one little nap around noon time, but that's to be expected after playing music at night.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2007



I've been working on a bunch of new songs to sing.
It's always fun to work on some new music now and then.
Keeps you on your toes and breaks up the routine!
That's always good.

I have a lot to get done today, so I guess I should get going!
My love to you all!
Have a great weekend!


North Ely Opry, Music Thursday:

It's Music Thursday!
There I am

There's Doug with the mandolin that he made. It's electric and it's very cool!!!!

There's Doug and Joshua ... now ... this was a very deep conversation!!

Hmmm ... time for a break?

Happy Thursday to you all! I hope that you have a great weekend and if you play ... that you get to make some fun music with some friends.

Adios for now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Log Cabin:

This is a log cabin located across from one of the bean fields.
Yes ... it is a log cabin. Siding was applied to the outside, but you can still see the logs from the inside. Let's go on in ...

I found it amazing that the logs were still in such good shape! Look at that! You can see the marks that were hewn by the ax!
What hard work it must have been to have cut all of that by hand and prepared each log to fit together.
Here, you can see where another layer of wood was placed over the logs to make a "remodeled" wall.
What is that? That's what we wanted to know! We were startled to death by the most horrible and frightening sound that I had ever heard. Made you think that you were about to be gobbled up by some kind of monster and die a horrible and painful death!!!!

It was a baby buzzard! I had no idea that they made such a sound! Curiosity got the best of us though, and instead of running for our very lives ... we investigated ... very slowly and carefully ... perched precariously on top of an old washing machine ... while it wobbled ... me so short that I had to stand on my tip toes and hang on for dear life to the rotted floor above my head for some stability ... with Doug hanging on to my legs in case I fell ... while at the same time trying to take pictures without getting stuck by a rusty nail and having to go get a shot ... whew!

Doug ... being much taller than me ... stood on the wobbly washer and could see much better than I could. He took most of the pictures from the attic since he could just stand there with both hands free. (smarty pants)

Anyway, it was an adventure and the cabin was very interesting.



It's Wednesday!!!!
That makes me happy!
I woke up smiling this morning.
That's always a good sign!
Then gave my Teddybear a big hug.

It's supposed to be in the lower 40's at night this weekend and only in the 60's during the day. The day time hours will be enjoyable ... but burr ... couldn't it be a little warmer for the night time?
I even dug my ear muffs out yesterday afternoon.
No ...
I haven't worn them yet ... I'm just being prepared.

Anyway ...
have a great day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Tractors, Macon Thresher's Show:

Here are a few of the tractors from the Old Thresher's Show,
in Macon, Missouri last.
I like the ones with the metal wheels like this.

Lots of fun!
Anyway, hope that you enjoyed the pictures. There will be more!!!!!


Happy Tuesday!

Here it is Tuesday!!!
That's one more day closer to Thursday!

I have great plans for the weekend,
which I will fill you in on later.
I'm excited and can't wait for Friday to get here!

Did I tell you that I got my car back last week?
It's finally out of the shop!
I missed it.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Music Thursday:

here it is Music Thursday again!!!!
And ...
I find myself without any pictures disks!
Yes ...
I believe I left them sitting by the front door,
which is where I sat them while I reached for an umbrella!
Left them there!

Oh well ...
it's still Thursday and I'm still excited!!!!!

Hope that you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Three Wheeler Ride:

Here we go on a three wheeler ride.
There's Doug's feet.

There's my feet!
On these dirt roads, even the plants on the side of the road get dusty!!!!
There's a view of the corn from a distance.
There's a view of one of the bean fields.

Looking good!

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