Friday, June 30, 2006



Well, I did some recording this evening.
Just one song ... did both the guitar and fiddle,
but now I'll know what to do tomorrow when it's time to get down to business.

I had a great, relaxing day.

Hope that you all did as well.



I want my grandma!!!!!!!



Mmmm ....
A Wild Berry poptart ...
Now THAT's a power breakfast!!!!!


Music, Ava and Larry:

Here's a picture of Larry and I playing fiddles.
I really enjoy playing with him
And he always inspires me.
I wish I could just "copy" all of the music stuff from his brain ...
And put it into my brain in one easy step!!!!

Ta Da!!!!!!


Ely Opry:

Well, I made another drive out to Ely after the Quincy session last night. I got there about twenty minutes later than I usually do, due to talking to people out in the parking lot as I was leaving La Gondola.

I took some music that Doug had wanted ... and some others too. I tabbed out Cotton Jenny in the wrong key. I thought we were changing it from A to G ... instead it was supposed to be from A to C. Sorry about that, guys!!!

It was a good session out there. Beverly and I sang together a little bit.

I saw FIVE stars!!! Yep, that's it. It was cloudy and now it's been raining all day today. They've forecast some heavy rainfall and we're supposed to expect three inches of rain. I don't know if Quincy will get it or not, but some of the areas around us are.

I saw three deer crossing the road on my way out there. I just keep telling myself ... "Don't swerve for deer!" "Don't swerve for deer!" There's actually an advertising campaign right now telling us not to swerve for deer. It says that most people are not injured when they hit a deer ... they're injured or killed when they swerve and have a wreck or go off the road.

Anyway, had a great time and I'm looking forward to next week!!!!


Nature, Creek:

Here's yet another view of my creek.
I wish I had a zoom lense.
You can see the muddy bank on the left side,
There were all kinds of foot prints there
But my camera didn't pick it up.
When I tried to crop it down,
It was too blurry.
Oh well!


Quincy Session:

Well, the Quincy session last night was wonderful!!!!

The players were Ava on fiddle ... Dave on guitar ... Larry on fiddle and mandolin ... Sondra on mandolin ... Andrew on guitar ... Joann on Irish whistle and tambourine ... Tony on flute, Irish whistle and fiddle ... Jeanie on drum ... Don on bass ... and Lisa on the fiddle.

We also had three people who came to listen who had heard us play at the Arts Festival last weekend. Very nice people.

I also met Lucas who came to listen ... he's a guitar player and he thought he might come back and join us. He's a song writer who has spent some time in Nashville and turned in a few of his songs. He was quite interesting to talk to.

While we were in the middle of a song, three people walked in and I recognized one of them immediately ... Steve. Back when we were a pretty new session, he had joined us for the night. He's an uillean piper and had come on the same night that Harry had brought his pipes. Anyway, we remembered him and I was glad to see him. Turns out that he's going to be moving back here and will play with us when he gets here. I'm very excited about that!! I visited with him and his mother for a little bit.

I never know if I'm being too pushy walking up and talking to people. I just want them to know that we're glad they're there and they are welcome to play in the session with us. You know?

So, all in all we had a great time!

As always ... if I missed anyone ... my deepest apologies!!!!!

Love you all!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006



I just got to sing to this sweet baby on the telephone!!!
He's grown so much.
He was seven pounds the last time I saw him.
He's up to ten pounds now.
He is smiling and cooing.
He talked to me while I was singing.
Now I'm all happy!!!!!


Look to the Left ...

look to the left ...
Now it's scroll up and to the left ...
See my picture over there?
I did that earlier this morning!
It only took me two tries to figure it out!!!!



What is so gross, you might ask?
Well, I just cleaned out the refrigerator.
We have so many left overs in there
That we're out of food storage containers!
I hate it when that happens!!!!
I'm not EVEN going to tell you what was in there ...
I'll just say ...
It's all cleaned out!!!!!

I also was inspired by the decluttering of others on the blog ...
And cleaned out my closet this afternoon.
I have a bag of clothes to take to Salvation Army this weekend.



I really like these natural made arches.
When I was in Utah, I went through Arches National Park and it was beautiful!!!
There was so much to see.

This one is in Arizona ...
White Mesa Arch ...
Navajo Indian Reservation ...


Good morning

Well, I woke up this morning and could hardly move. Everything hurt.
However, after some breakfast and something for pain I'm feeling better.
My back is hurting today. When my back hurts, that affects everything.
It's much harder to ignore back pain. Oh well, it'll be gone in a day or two.

Other than that, it's a nice sunny day outside.
AND ...
It's music night tonight.
Monday night used to be my favorite night.
But now ...
I think I'd have to say that Thursdays are my favorite night.
Half because I get to play with The River's Edge
And half because I get to go out to Ely and play.
AND ...
Since it's all sunny out ...
Maybe ...
I'll get to see some stars while I'm out there.
You never know!!!!


Exercise Ball:

This is my beloved exercise ball. I am very thankful for this ball and all it does for my aches and pains. I lay on this ball and stretch my body completely out. It hurts at first, but then as I slowly begin to relax, it all starts to feel so much better. I can actually lay there and feel my muscles relax one little bit at a time. I used to think it was a strange feeling, but now I just enjoy it.

Here's a poem I wrote for the occasion:

When I have a poor back ache,

Which becomes too much to take,

I go and find my exercise ball

And carry it away from the wall.

I put it in front of my tv show,

So all that happens I will know.

I lay on my back upon the ball,

And hope and pray that I don’t fall.

I lay there on the ball, upside down.

I often wonder if my smile is a frown.

I do some sits ups to stretch my back,

Then I lay down and give it some slack.

Then some slow roll ups to give it some pull,

I have to make sure that I’m not too full.

Then my arms go over my head, my legs out straight,

Then I stretch and stretch, it takes a little wait.

The kinks start to come out, I can feel it move,

I start to relax and then get into the groove.

I lay like that … and watch tv,

For fifteen minutes and then I’ll be,

All better again … no more pains.

Just a little break with a lot to gain.

Thus is my ritual morning and night,

When it is followed, my back is all right.


Ranacker Conservation, Water:

Here are a couple of shots of the water out at Ranacker Conservation area.
I love to just sit and listen to the water.
Listen to the water,
The birds,
The bugs,
The grasshoppers,
The breeze,
The trees,
The squirrels,
It's just so peaceful.

And I just think it's really neat right here
Where the water runs over the road.
Sometimes you can see minnows swimming across it.
I tried to catch some,
But didn't have any luck at all.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Visual Pun:

Hmmm ....

What is this one?



Here's some of the band from Hannibal.
We're at one of the dances ...
On a break ...
That's me standing behind everyone.
Everyone else is down getting drinks.


Birds: Cardinal

I just thought this was a very neat picture.
Cardinals were my Grandma Testerman's favorite bird.
Cardinals always make me think of her.



Well, I just tabbed out three more songs to take with me to Ely tomorrow night. The three new ones are:

Ragtime Annie

Westphalia Waltz

Wild Wood Flower

I am so tired! I taught today straight through from 10:00am until 6:30pm. It wears me out when I don't get a break. Oh well, tomorrow is Thursday ... my favorite day of the week!!!! I am so ready for music session ... both at La Gondola and at the Ely Opry.

Come Friday ... I'm sleeping in!!!!!


Wood Carvings:

I know someone who drives a car like this ...

Only theirs is not wooden ...

It's blue ...

And I'm pretty sure it wouldn't float!!




This photo was taken by my friend Lisa.

It's me, my husband Paul and my friend/fellow musician, Tony.

We had a lot of fun that night and I hope to have another party like that.

I just don't know if it will be a Memorial Day tradition or not ...

We always play in Hannibal that weekend and it made a lot of music for us all ...

We were all pretty tired.

But ...

yes ...

There will definitely be more parties!!!!!

Definitely more music!!!!!


Music, Me and Melanie:

Here's a picture of my friend Melanie and I together at my music party on Memorial Day.

She plays the hammer dulcimer, the psaltry and the mountain dulcimer.

I just love her!!!!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Collecting Music:

Well, this afternoon I tabbed out the music for Ashokan Farewell, Down Yonder and Liberty.

I don't know if you're familiar with it or not, but Ashokan Farewell is such a pretty piece of music. It just puts me in a trance everytime I play it.

Down Yonder is ALWAYS a crowd pleaser. It always makes me think of my Grandpa Williams when I play it. In my mind I can see him dancing to it. He was quite the dancer. I loved getting to dance with him.

I hope to get my Dad up here for a visit so he can go to play music with me and my group here in Quincy, out at Ely and down in Hannibal. I keep inviting them ... we'll get him here one of these days.



Well, I'm sitting here at the computer listening to "Chulrua, Barefoot on the Altar" which features Tim Britton on wooden flute, Irish whistle and uilleann pipes; Paddy O'Brien on the accordion and Pat Egan on guitar and vocals. They are fantastic! I saw Tim Britton live and got to meet him. One of my guitar students also studies the uilleann pipes with him. One of my dreams is to someday get to play fiddle and irish whistle with him ... maybe some guitar.



Here I am with my brother, Tony ...
And my sister-in-law, Tina ...

We're a good looking group, aren't we?



Here are a couple of pics from my brother, Frank's, wedding.
Above he is standing with his best man and grooms men,
Waiting for the ladies to come out.

(Oh ... the waiting is just beginning!!!)

And here he is below with the minister.
You can't see me at the moment,
But I'm up there at the piano playing wedding music!!!!



Here's the culprit who decided to have a bleeding ulcer last night.
I'll call him later this morning and see how he's doing.
He was supposed to stay home from work today according to the doctor,
But he's on a new job ... just his second day.
I'm not sure if he's home or at work.
I'm glad that he's okay.



Here's a couple of barn shots for you.
I know I have at least a couple of barn fans out there besides myself.
I haven't been out to take any pictures since I got my binocam.
I think it would be great for that!


Good Morning To You!

Well, I woke up this morning WITHOUT a migraine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That calls for a celebration!!!!
I sure thought it was going to get the best of me yesterday before the day was over.
But I made it.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Time for bed yet?

Well, I had a migraine all day Monday ... that's never any fun!

I went to play music at the Hannibal session, medicated up really good ... and did just fine. Tonight's session was pretty relaxed. I had a good time.

When I got home, I had five phone messages from my youngest son, Tom. I called and ended up meeting him at the emergency room. He was vomiting blood and was feeling very strange. I met him at the ER and he was given an iv for fluids and something for his stomach. We're pretty sure it's a bleeding ulcer. He's supposed to follow up at the doctor in a couple of days and they gave him some medication to take. I got home at 12:37am. Right now it's 12:51 am ... so I guess it's Tuesday now.

I'm heading to bed. Have a busy day when I get up. Hope you all have a good day.


Mmm ... deer sausage

Well, I just ran upstairs and ate some deer sausage between lessons. I was hungry!!! To cut it, I use the big long knife. I couldn't get it to work ... then realized I had it upside down! Wow, knives work much better when you cut with the sharp side!!!! I know ... I know ...

I stepped out on the porch to devour my sausage and two extra strength tylenol for my headache. I could hear a pair of Nuthatches somewhere out on the trees. I never did see them though.

Now I'm down here eating some mints so my poor students don't pass out when I breath on them after eating that deer sausage! Look out!!!



It's grandbaby time!!!!

Here's Chandler and I,
I'm kissing his little cheek.
He's so sweet to hold.

Here he is in his bouncy seat.
Look at those legs!!!!

And here he is snuggling with me,
Just about to go to sleep.

Good night little one!



Here's another one of my treasures ...
This was my Grandpa Testerman's pocket watch.
I am thrilled to have it!!!
I can remember being out in the workshop with him ...
He was always running the circular saw ...
Sawdust everywhere!!!!
He'd pull that pocket watch out and that's how he knew it was time to eat.
I still love the smell of sawdust to this day ...
Because it reminds me of Grandpa.


Old Thresher's Show

Well, it's getting close to the Old Thresher's Show.
September 15, 16 and 17th.
This will be my first year to go and I'm looking forward to it.
It looks like there will a lot going on and lots of things to see.
I'm planning on taking the camera and my lap top.
Why the lap top?
Well, you see ...
When my photo card fills up ...
I can download them to the lap top ...
And take as many more pictures as I want!!!!!!
OR ...
My husband found a photo card that is ....
2000 megabytes!!!!
Yes ...
2000 megabytes!!!!
I better sit down ...
I'm getting dizzy!!!!

I don't think I'll be there on Thursday.
I'm wanting to get to park with my friends
So I may just meet them and follow them down.
It's too far a head to know for sure what I'm going to do just yet.

Ahhh ...
I will be there on Friday.
Oh my gosh ...
There's a flea market!!!
I hope the flea market doesn't bankrupt me!!!!
I'm a sucker for those!

I will be there on Saturday ...
I know I'll watch the horse obstacle course ...
And the horse pull ...
I wish I had a golf cart or one of those scooter things ...
I'll just have to remember not to over do it anymore than I have to.


Old Thresher's Show Cont ...

I have to tell you ... I love a good tractor pull!!! I'm excited!!!
Mmmm ... breakfast.
I wonder if there'll be bisquits and gravy?

The museum sounds interesting.
I'd like to see the rope making.
I'm always looking for new things to do ...
Maybe rope making is next?????
I'd also like to learn how to tie my own fishing jigs.

And yes ...
The tractor pull rules ...


Music Playing Outfit ...

Well, I decided my outfit wasn't quite complete and added this black leather vest to it last Friday when we played in Hannibal. I was afraid it would be too hot, but it was just fine. Last time I only took one bottle of water. This time I took TWO!!!

When we were finished playing we went to the Jam Factory to sit for a bit and cool off a little. I got to see Minnie Pearl (my fiddle from 1810 that is in lay-away) She was happy to see me and wants to come home. I hope to have her home by the end of July.



Sunday, June 25, 2006


Farm time memories ...

Well, I just responded to a post about the chickens and now I'm sitting here remembering my chickens.

For any of you who have never lived or worked a farm, you may not understand what I'm going to be talking about, but that's okay.

I grew up riding horses, being around cows, chickens, pigs, goats, dogs, cats, 4-H club, showing at the fair, I was even in FFA (Future Farmers of America) in high school.

Some of my very best friends have been animals that I've know over the years. Unlike people, who tend to be moody or judgmental ... animals love you unconditionally. They are always there to greet you ... keep you company ... or just do something cute that makes you smile.

Riding horses was and still is a great joy for me. It's relaxing, it's fun and a great way to just "take a break" for life. I miss getting to ride.

We always had dogs when I was growing up. My grandpa had one that would round up the cows for him and sometimes I would get to give the commands and it was always such a thrill to have the dog do what I was asking. Looking back I now know ... it wasn't me that was so smart ... it was the dog!!!!!!!

I've always been around cows. I love to see the babies ... they're so cute! My cousins always showed cattle at the fair and I would hang out with them in the beef barns. It's funny to me that I don't ever remember the barns "smelling". But now ... it's ... whewwwwwwyyyyyy!!!!

We raised a pig for the fair one year. She was the cutest little thing! She loved us. We loved her! Her name was Bossy (you know ... "Boss Hog" from the Dukes of Hazzard tv show) She would follow us around like a dog. She was fun to care for and loved a good "scratchin'". She would even dance to the radio. No, not stand up and dance, but her ears would dance. I always thought that was the coolest thing!!!!

I raised rabbits for the fair a couple of years. I didn't get as attached to my rabbits though. I think we ended up selling them at the fair one year.

My singing and piano playing debut was to the herd of cows across the road. They were a herd of Brahmas and I thought they were the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen!!!! They were a great audience and very attentive. I still have a soft spot for cattle!!!

Well, what brought all of this up, and I do realize that some of it is repetition for some of you ... was the chicken post. It made me think of Henny Penny. While I was in FFA I raised chickens and sold eggs for my project. Every once in a while they would all gang up on one chicken. Sometimes they would even kill it. I discovered that one was being singled out. She was bloody and not very happy. I pulled her out, put her in a small cage and nursed her back to health. We became best buddies. Most kids go home after school to play with their dog ... I came home every day to play with my chicken. She would sit on my lap and we would talk to eachother. She always responded ... I have no idea what she was saying ... but I could tell that she was always being supportive. She like to have her back stroked and her chin rubbed. Then she would groom me ... for chicken mites I suspect ... I don't think she ever found any ... that time.

I did get chicken mites once and I told that story in my posts about my grandma and grandpas farm. I used to play in the chicken house all of the time. I liked looking for eggs and sitting up on the roosting boards. I don't know why ... I guess it was just quiet and secluded and I liked watching the chickens in their nests. Anyway, one day when I went back in the house I had little red chicken mites all over me. My grandmother gave me the scrubbing of my life! I still remember. It hurt!!!! But ... it got rid of the mites. Thank goodness!!

I also have a soft spot for ponds. My grandparents had several ponds at their farm and I loved going out to just sit on the bank and watch the water. Their pond was big enough we could put in a canoe and row around. Sometimes I would just lay in the bottom of the canoe and float around.

Memories ... memories ....

And now ... at 10:46pm ... I'm actually going to bed!

Until tomorrow!!


It's almost Monday ...

Well, it's almost Monday ... that means more music!!!! Tomorrow will make five days in a row that I've gone out to play music somewhere. My fingers were REALLY sore yesterday, but not too bad at all today. Fiddling doesn't make them sore ... it's playing guitar. That's what does it to me!!! Oh and playing my mandolin. Youchy!!!!! But it's worth it.

Good grief, it's only 10:13 pm and this computer screen is all blurry and I can hardly keep my eyes open! I had a very busy day. In fact, I think I'm calling it a night and hitting the hay early.

Oh ... I talked to my mom this evening and she got to hold Chandler last night and he's up to ten pounds!!!! I sure enjoyed having that little guy here. You talk about filling your heart ...


Arts Festival:

Well, the Sunday edition of our Quincy Arts Festival performance went very well. There were a lot of people who came back again to hear us today as well as some new ones who had heard about us. Of course, we invited them all out to either listen or play with us on Thursdays. Hopefully at least a couple will come. It was nice to have such an enthusiastic audience, that's for sure.

I am exhausted!!! Went to bed at 11:30 last night and got up at 4:00am. I couldn't sleep. I had an upset stomach and was just tossing and turning. The good new is ... I finally finished that book I've been working on!!!!

It was a great day!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Growling Old Man ...

Well, I just wrote out the fiddle tabs for "The Growling Old Man and the Cackling Old Woman". I haven't played it yet to double check it, but I'll do that tomorrow.

I'm going to bed! It's been a long day ... full of fun ... but I'm tired.

It's 11:31pm ...
Talk to you tomorrow!


The River's Edge: Quincy Art Fair

Well, our little Celtic/Old Time band,
The River's Edge ...
Played this afternoon at the Quincy Arts Fair
from 4:30 to 6:00pm.

We play again tomorrow, Sunday,
from 2:00 to 3:00.

It was a new experience for us as a group.
We play at La Gondola every Thursday night
And we've had several paid gigs ...
But this was our very first actual "public" appearance like this.
We were a little nervous before we started ...
But after that first song it was just like always and we were comfortable and had a great time.

I do have to tell you that our Fan Club was there ...
All four of them!!!!!
We love them and it was great to look out there and see their smiling faces.
They were in the front row, of course!!!!!

My thanks to Gloria for taking these pictures for us.

While we were playing there was a little boy in diapers ... younger than two ...
I'd guess around 11/2 or so ...
He was standing right up front dancing.
It was the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.
Soooo cute!!!!

When we were all packed up and leaving,
a little elderly lady came up and said,
"I was so afraid you were going to play Americanized Celtic music,
but you did just fine. You sounded wonderful!"
Now ...
That made us feel good.


The River's Edge: Quincy Art Fair

Well, let's meet the members of the band, shall we?

Here is Tony.
He plays the Irish whistle, the flute and is learning the fiddle.

Here is Sondra.
She plays the tenor banjo, mandolin, guitar, Irish whistle and fiddle.
Mainly mandolin and banjo when we're performing.
(she's also quite a piano player too!!)

Here's Larry.
He plays fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, accordion, the concertina ...
I'm sure he plays other things as well ...
He's one of those people who if he picks it up ... he can play it.
He mainly plays fiddle with our group.


The River's Edge: Quincy Art Fair

Here is Joann.
She plays the Irish Whistle and the tambourine.
She also plays the ukelele.

Here is Dave.
He is our guitar section.

And who is this?
Oh yes, that's me.
I play fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, and the Irish whistle ...
I mainly play fiddle and guitar when we perform.


Puppy Love ...

Here's another poem from my friend Joan ...

Remember all of the "dog" posts of late????

Thank you, Joan!!!!

Puppy Love

Thanks for the saga of your pup

Who chewed your digi-tuner up

It looks as though he can’t erase

The guilt upon his furry face

And barking (worse than bite, I guess)

Could be his one way to confess

Still though he’s cute I have to say

If puppy really had his way

That maybe later (or much sooner)

He’ll try to get back at that tuner

Cause though he does enjoy a bark

He’d’ really rather make his “mark”

On something that’s uniquely yours

It’s really you that he adores.

Letting no time go to waste.

He’s tried your pills and toothy paste

A deeper pattern’s here I see

It’s really you he wants to be

Friday, June 23, 2006



Who has green eyes??

I Do!!!

I Do!!!



Here's a couple of pictures of a pitcher that belonged to my Grandma Williams.
I think it's beautiful.
I can remember her serving iced tea in it.
She's gone now and this sits up in my cabinet with my other treasures.


Baby Chicks ...

Look at those cute little chicks!!!!

No, no, no ...
Not the girls over there ...
The baby chicks over here!!!!!

So cute!!!


Water, Reflections:

Here's a reflection for you.
My favorite part is the lower left corner
It looks just like the sky!!!!!!
And the sun is peaking out up in the upper right corner.


Quincy Session:

The Quincy Session was a good one this week. We had a surprise ... John was back with his guitar and he sang for us. I've missed him and I was very glad to see him there. We got to meet his wife too!

The players were Ava on fiddle .. John on guitar ... Joann on Irish whistle ... Sondra on banjo and mandolin ... Andrew on fiddle, banjo and mandolin ... Dave on guitar ... Larry on fiddle and guitar ... Tony on flute, Irish whistle and fiddle ... Don on bass ... and Jeanie on drum.

We had a great audience and there were several kids there who played the shaker eggs with us. That's always fun to see because they have such a good time doing it. Awesome!!!!

Tony introduced two new songs to us. We played one while we were there and the other one is homework to work on for next week.

I'm counting down the days until next week!!!!

Thanks to all who came and please forgive me if I left anyone out.


Ely Opry:

Well, at 8:30 I hopped in the car and headed out to Ely, Mo. It had been raining. There were storm watches in areas close to us, but the radar showed that it had passed over us. I had decided that if it wasn't raining when we were finished at La Gondola, then I was going to go ahead and head out to Ely. I was really missing my friends out there!! Missing two weeks due to my foot surgery had made me very sad.

Anyway, headed out of town ... got about half way there ... and began to wonder if I'd made the right decision. The sky was looking pretty nasty in areas. I took a deep breath ... and gave it a little more gas!!!!

Got there just fine. I had a great time. I was able to stand and play most of the time. I'm not sure what got into me, but I decided that I was in a harmony mood. I was playing along on my fiddle with Doug and John ... then broke into harmony. You should have seen John's eyes!!! I wasn't sure if he liked it or not ... and then he smiled. I pretty much played harmony all evening long. It was fun for me.

Doug is really doing well on his fiddle and the three of us together sounded pretty darned good!!!!

Oh ... remember the fiddler last weekend who made me cry???? Well ... we "trashed" him a little bit ... okay ... we "trashed" him a lot ... I know ... I know ... but they brought it up!!!!!

I am so glad I've had the opportunity to play music with them out there. It's a 45 minute drive each way and I smile all the way there and all the way home again!!!

Oh, guess what!!!!!!!!!!

I'm refreshing my yodeling skills!!!!!! Many moons ago (that's indian talk for many years ago ... in case you didn't know) my Grandfather taught me how to yodel. Yes ... yes ... I'm a closet yodeler. Yet another thing that you did not know about me. Anyway ... "In the Jailhouse Now" is one of the songs on my list to learn and it has yodeling in it. I yodeled all the way to Ely this week!!!! It was great! However ... before I yodel in front of anyone ... I will have to practice ... practice ... practice!!!! I have to tell you ... it will take all the nerve I've got to yodel in front of anyone!

Anyone out there familiar with the song, "Indian War-Hoop"? Yeah ... I'm working on that one too. It's on the tape that Doug gave me. At first it really got on my nerves ... but it's growing on me. Sondra and I listened to it in the car on the way home from Hannibal this afternoon.

Well ... I've been so long winded I'm going to have to go get a cream soda (which is my favorite drink) before I croak!!! Be right back ...

Mmmmm .... that's better.

Okay, where was I??? Oh yes, "Indian War-Hoop". I did some "hooping" in the car for Sondra and she laughed at me. It's okay ... I was laughing at me too!!!! It's actually harder to do than it sounds. Anyway ... I'm having fun with it.

Oh ... due to the storms ... there were no stars to gaze upon. I was very sad. Several of us went out and looked and we couldn't find a single one. Too cloudy. Oh well, there will be other times.

Oh, when I first got there one of the does brought her baby up to the fence and talked to me. They weren't close enough to touch, but I stood there at the fence and talked with her for about five minutes before I went in. Oh, in case you didn't know, they raise deer. I'm not sure what kind they are. They're very small. Very cute!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Ely Opry:

Here's another shot of some of the people out at The Ely Opry.

There's always music going on and you can always find someone to talk to ...

I've realized that it's hard to tell who people are in these pictures because they are so dark.

I can pick out Wes with his banjo standing in the back talking ...
and there's Doug playing his fiddle ...
The guy in the striped shirt was there for the first time and I think his name was Kenny? Sorry ... not too sure on that one. He's played steel guitar and sang. He was fun to play fiddle with.


Star watching ...

I was going to do some star gazing tonight ...

I'm still hoping for clear skies later!!!!


Doctor ...

Well, I went to the lupus doctor Monday morning and we talked about the seizures that I've had this year. He's sending me to see a neurologist. I have an appointment for August sometime. (I'd have to look)

They did blood work ... took three vials of blood ... and I should know next week how my lupus is doing ... the part that's inside and you can't see.

I told him that I've opted not to get the shot that he offers unless I'm in TERRIBLE pain. He has one that you can get every three months. He doesn't like to give steroids ... which is what I've always taken for a "quick fix" when my lupus has me in too much pain or my pleurisy is acting up. He has a shot, and I've forgotten what it's called ... that you get and it takes care of all that.

The only problem for me personally is this ...
I'm in chronic pain every single day ... because of that, my pain tolerance is very high.
I can literally walk around and function with the type of pain that would put someone else in bed.

The shot left me pain free for two months ... which was great ... until it wore off and the full blown pain was back all at once. All of the sudden I hurt so bad I thought I was going to die. It really wiped me out. I couldn't do hardly anything. All of my friends thought I was mad because I wasn't "normal" self. The second shot wore off after six weeks and then "whammo" ... took me out again.

So, I've decided that being pain free for a while is not worth the consequences I have to pay when the shot wears off. I can function better being in pain every day than doing it the other way. That may not make sense to anyone who does not live with chronic pain ... but it makes perfect sense to me.

The doctor said that he understood, but still prefers the shots over the steroids. So ... we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck!!!!


Weather ...

Well, I'm hoping that it doesn't storm or rain too hard tonight, because I have plans!!!
We've had a nice little sprinkle twice today, but that's it so far.


My Dog ...

Well, if you've been reading the blog
you know what my dog has been up to this week.

Here's a little refresher course ...

Snuck medication out of my pill box three days in a row before I finally caught him ...

Ate a tube of toothpaste yesterday ...

Well ... now he's done it again.

He ate my favorite tuner!
Well, didn't really "ingest" it ...
Just chewed it up really good ...

Here's the story ...


The death of a tuner ...

Well ...
As tuners go ...
you have plain ones ...
ones that "kind of" work ...
some that you like ...
some that you throw across the room ...
some that you just throw in the trash ...
it's quite an adventure trying to find the tuner
that works for you.

I found one this winter ...
on valentines day to be exact ...
at a little place called Smith Music here in Quincy ...
this tuner and I have not been separated since!
It was love at first sight!

It was pretty ...
a nice shade of white ...
with lovely buttons ...
a digital display to let you know when you were in tune ...
a very handy clip on the end
that clipped right to your instrument
which allowed for hands free tuning.
So nice ...
so sweet ...
so convenient ...

Well ...
that was then ...
THIS ...
is now ...

Here's a front view ...
You may say that doesn't look so bad ...
What you can't tell in the picture is that
It won't stay closed now.
You can see the little computer chip inside
and the battery.
You have to squeeze it closed with your fingers
in order to make it connect and work.

HUGE BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!

Below is the view from the back ...
now you can see where he chewed the clip off ...
now it won't clip onto my instrument anymore ...

NOW ...
I have to squeeze it together with one hand
while holding it against my instrument
while plucking the string
and turning the tuning pegs
to get my instrument in tune.

DANG IT!!!!!

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